Monster Fighters Mummy Minifigure Clock 5001352 – få råd til flere LEGO klodser med Klodspriser

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Monster Fighters Mummy Minifigure Clock


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Fight monsters in your sleep!

Be on monster fighting time with this ghostly, gauze-wrapped ghoul! The giant LEGO® Monster Fighters Mummy Minifigure Clock includes moving arms and legs, a digital LCD display clock and functions for alarm, light and snooze! Wake up to save the world from eternal darkness with the coolest alarm clock around!

• Move the arms and legs!
• Push down the head to activate the light and alarm!
• Makes a great gift for LEGO® Monster Fighters fans!
• Nickel/PVC free
• Digital LCD display
• Alarm, light and snooze functions
• Measures over 9.5” (24cm) tall
• Includes 2-year warranty in U.S.